Saudi Food Expo 2022

Welcome to Saudi Food Expo 2022

We present to you a ground-breaking of saudi exhibitions that unites marketing and sales, making an extraordinary and important experience. It matters to us when you're spending hard-earned money to be a part of an exhibition that should provide results and yield beyond marketing, Saudi Expo is just the way you need it to.

  • Joining the growing $54B Food Industry.
  • Expand your business, develop your network and increase your regional sales.
  • Explore the phenomenal opportunities of Saudi Arabia`s multi billion dollars mega projects currently taking place in tourism, entertainment and hospitality.
  • Signup to deals With a New Vendors, Wholesalers and Suppliers within the F&B Business.

Why Saudi Food Expo?

Should we have the pleasure of hosting you at our Saudi Food Expo in Riyadh, we can assure you that you will receive what you initially paid for, and so much more. Not only do we add to the success of your business by inviting only the most interested buyers of food supplies, restaurant equipment, and hospitality services, but we give you the freedom to meet potential clients, so in turn, you’re able to make high-quality connections at our Saudi Food Expo.

  • Precise Planning, Design and Implementation.
  • Exhibition stand design and layout.
  • Event logistics, locations, directions and event management.
  • VIP Hall Special Design and Activity.
  • 400,000$ Marketing Campaigns.


The exhibition we organize driven by an enthusiasm for building positive relationships among exhibitors and clients positions you in culture through shared values and beliefs.